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The Different Extract Methods of Cannabis (hemp)

This is an informative post brought to you by the great people at colorado_hemp_project

The many different forms of hemp extracts from bottom left we have a Co2 extracted, partially decarboxylated full spectrum oil, to the right we have a frozen ethanol extracted full spectrum oil, 2nd row from bottom on left is distillate from the Co2 extracted, above the ethanol is the distillate from that extract, above the Co2 extracted distillate is the free distillate, same as the one to the right, and on top we have the solo compound of cbd. So many amazing extractions that bring so many different compounds out depending the way it’s extracted. The key that everyone should know is that the fuller the spectrum the better the bind. This means the omega fats, flavonoids and terpenes included. This plant produces all of everything we need and the more we use this plant as a whole, the better our bodies will absorb the nutrients and enzymes.

I’ve worked with cannabis extracts for 10years and still discover amazing benefits we get due to consuming this plant. Currently working on a study that has to do with numerological repair with Retts patients using thcv, cbg, multiple different mushrooms and specific terpenes. This not only repairs their neuron damage when a episode hits, but is also helping repair eye-hand coordination and development in using hand movement to help feed themselves and communicate via technology. 🙏🏽🌿😁 what are some amazing studies you guys would like to see that you haven’t heard of? - Colorado Hemp Project.

Thank you to Colorado Hemp Project for bringing the science to the people.

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