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Rosin Press App

PressRes an App by Hemptek on Google Play coming soon to iOS

This app was created for anyone with a rosin press looking to track their settings, measurements and results. By keeping things simple and quick we allow users to keep track of their work.

Many have taken to pressing their material and abandoned the hazardous methods of extraction such as BHO (Butane). For many this is uncharted territory and the ability to buy a press off the shelf is relatively easy and safe to operate.

This new method however now leads people to attempting all kinds of configurations to produce the best results. That's where tracking your work comes in to crucial play. By carefully tracking your steps in an easy-to-use app (PressRes) one can study their configurations and improve or repeat results.

"We [PressRes] are continually working on the app and improving it so there is no finished release. We look forward to hearing the comments of the cannabis community and any of our users."

The app PressRes is currently on the Google Play store ( It is currently FREE and does not contain any ADS. "As of now, we do not intend to ever place ads in our apps. We will however offer premium versions with more capabilities."

"PressRes" - (Press Results)


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