Hemptek was founded and built by individuals with decades worth of experience in cannabis horticulture and collective management, computer security and retail.

WHY:  We started HempTek because we were part of an era that told us legalization would never come and we were investing too much time in what we call our passion. We invested in the future we believed was correct and we had our share of risk. til this day we put passion and our roots first.


We've grown with the industry, with humble beginnings. We got EVERYTHING covered.

Founder & IT Director

I founded HempTek as a result of over 10 years in dispensary management, startup and consulting. As well as software and IT services for Dispensaries in Southern California.

Felipe Hourani

CoFounder & Professional Grower

Felipe has  10 years experience in the cannabis horticulture sector. Knowledge in genetics, indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. Lighting system and the modern efficient and powerful  L.E.D. systems.

Including seed to wholesale and nutrients.


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 Cannabis Consulting & IT Services


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